A Dance With Andrea


by Lance J. Reha

After watching this film, I spent the whole afternoon thinking about what it really means to spend a lifetime blaming ones self and living a never endless guilt trip. The way that director “Reha” presented his work is a real masterpiece and a perfectly knit product that reflects great maturity and understanding of what it takes to be called a  “real” filmmaker.

The storyline is anything but uninteresting since it builds up in a very smart and “out of the box” manner revealing the plot of the story and transporting the viewers into each and every detail lived by the tormented main character “ Victor” who goes on his final journey before trying to commit the unthinkable, and how true love can magically save an anguished soul, writer “Manusco” knew exactly how to trigger the audiences feelings with his beautifully written script. Acting wise, what a true satisfaction to watch all of the cast working together in full synergy and propelling the work into an even higher level of excellence, having said that we can not but give a real standing ovation to actor “Frank Albanese” who plays the role of “Victor” for an enchanting performance that reflects professionalism and commitment of a real actor towards his work, he knew exactly how to convey true emotions and sensations; a matter not to be taken lightly since it is very easy to fall into the “cliché” when portraying such a challenging character.

Technically, the work of director “Reha” echoes a true understanding of the language of filmmaking and a mature knowledge of the world of cinematography; be it from his choice of frames and shots to the color pallet chosen they all served perfectly his vision and gave the production a greater value and meaning. The lighting used (especially in the final scene) made the experience all the more enjoyable as it holds a semantic connotation that revealed a sense of warmth and security much needed for the tormented main character. The amazing choice of song that was used in the final dance scene came as the cherry on top of this never-ending love story.

In the end, this film is a must see to anyone who is seeking to experience a picturesque story with flawlessly woven elements. Again a big applause goes to the whole cast and crew for the great effort, in hopes that we will see similar works done by them in the near future.


N.Khouri Ph.D

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About Lance

Staten Island, New York City, born and raised independent filmmaker who began making Super8mm films with his brother and friends as a young boy. Created an anthology of short horror and thriller films called, “The Mind’s Eye”, which put his own company, Lake Films, on the map as a force to be reckoned with in the independent film community. Now an established feature film director, he still resides in his hometown of Staten Island with his wife, Elizabeth.


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