Athame Review


by Dimitrios Karas

After watching the work, it took me sometime to decide on how to commence my review (a matter that doesn’t happen often) since I couldn’t find the proper way to start talking about a real piece of art that deserves to be appreciated for all its aspects and especially for the effort done by the talented writer/director “Dimitrios Karas”.

Starting with the screenplay, “Karas” proved to be of a much higher standard than your average writer with his brilliant approach to a topic that has been dealt with before and could have been easily a major set back, but the total opposite happened with his perfectly knit script that gave the viewers an intense experience with an unexpected twist in the end that is definitely a sign of maturity and growing experience add to that the dialogue between the characters aided in giving this piece of work a unique identity and a high level of realism. Acting wise both actresses excelled in their roles and worked with complete synergy and understanding between each other; this propelled the work into a higher level of excellence, the way that they used their body language and facial expressions shows the extent to which they professionally did their homework in properly researching and preparing for their roles.

Technically, again we enjoyably experience the talent of  “Karas” who not only understands the true language of filmmaking but also displays a level of maturity in his cinematography that even the most experienced of filmmakers might not grasp. From his choice of frames and camera angles to the color pallet; they all reflect the intended mood of the film and were able to transport the audience into the world of each and every moment as it unfolds on the timeline, the editing and music used are also main factors in making this experience more and more efficacious.

To conclude, a real standing ovation is due to all of the cast and crew involved since they gave us a real piece of film that they can be proud of and allowed us to enjoy their work. This film is a must see for all the reasons stated above and much more, from its topic to the minute details it is a real breath of fresh air in the filming industry, having said that we will be definitely on the lookout for the next piece of art by the multi talented “Karas”.

N.Khouri Ph.D

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About Dimitrios

Dimitrios Karas was born in Serres, Greece. He has written and directed short films and trailers for theatrical plays. He has worked as the 1st Assistant Director for the feature length film “The Spirits” (2016). He also plays the piano and the cello and has contributed to the soundtracks for the theatre and for short films. He has a master’s degree in electrical engineering, and a PhD in wireless communications security.

Filmography as director: In Memoriam (2020), The Riemann Hypothesis (2020), The Bureaucrat (2019), Still Life (2017), Blue Moon (2015)

Director Statement

“Athame” is a film about the multiple facets of motherhood and pregnancy, as well as its psychological and physical effects on the woman’s body. Desire for motherhood and resentment for the unborn baby are personified by the two main characters of the film, two clashing sentiments that can also develop a strange coexistence.


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