Big Hand Nick: First Assignment Review


by Paul Stamas and Matthew Stamas

Watching this film took me back more than twenty years ago reminding me of the very first university shooting project I ever did (of which I am very proud – of course) in a sense that I tried my best and gave it my all and yet the outcome was not as I had hoped for, this film is exactly what can be called a missed opportunity since it had all the creative elements that could have propelled it into excellence but instead we have an “ok” product.

The screenplay as a whole can be considered as one of the strong points of the film in a sense that it helped in transporting the viewer into the realm of what was happening in each and every scene, the dialogues on the other hand needed some work; they lacked maturity and seemed to be written in a hurry thus made it border line shallow. The real problem in the film was the acting; a mixture of over acting and individuals that don’t know what is exactly asked of them, this is especially obvious in the choreography of the fighting scenes in which it is extremely obvious how unrehearsed and unreal they are.


Technically, a great effort was put by the “ Stamas brothers” in order to get a clean and presentable piece of work; from the style of editing and the choice of handheld old camcorder effect to the color palette chosen they all reflected a sense of maturity and an understanding of the language of film. The choice of music and sound effects also had a positive impact in delivering the message intended and made it all the more enjoyable to watch. The overall cinematography and “mise en scene” is to be commended as it succeeded in thrilling the viewers and have them follow each and every detail as it unfolds.

In the end, and as mentioned earlier “Big Hand Nick: First Assignment” is a real missed opportunity as it could have been much more successful for all the reasons discussed earlier and much more. This film is interesting to watch and could form something that the “Stamas Brothers” can build on and learn from for any future work (especially that this is their first experience collaborating together as filmmakers) since they are definitely talented and have what it takes to make it in the world of filmmaking.

N.Khouri Ph.D 

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About Paul and Matthew

Paul Stamas and Matthew Stamas are collectively known as the Stamas Brothers. Paul and Matthew Stamas were raised in Milwaukee, WI. They are American film directors who direct and edit most of their work together. Paul does much of the writing. Both brothers also work together on their collaborations as producers and actors.

Paul Stamas is also the author of the novel; Stark: For those who dream. He dares the impossible. Big Hand Nick: First Assignment film is the first film the brothers began collaborating on.


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