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A Balanced Breakfast Review

By J.W. Cox This film is definitely a breath of fresh air as it sends out a beautiful message in an original “out of the Box” manner. It is obvious that writer/director “J.W. Cox” is not your average filmmaker; the ability to deliver such a product is not something that even the most experienced of […]

Little Love Story Review

By Davide Serra Before writing any review, I usually watch the work twice; the first time as a ‘normal’ member of the audience and the second time as a critic, this is not the case with “Little Love Story”, this is a film that I enjoyed watching at least four times. It is not every […]

The Devil and I Review

By Charles Williams Its not everyday that we stumble upon a “real” psychological thriller, but instead (most of the time) we are given a less than average work that does not stand out to one of the genres that takes real understanding of the language of film to be able to venture in it; not […]

Lost in the Black Hole Review

By Salman Aziz Every time I am about to review an experimental, the same question pops up in mind; is it going to be up to the standard or am I going to be watching another “cliché”? “Lost in the Black Hole “was anything but a “cliché”, the work of writer/director “Salman Aziz” proved to […]

The water may rise Review

by Sven Peetoom and Chris de Krijger It is not very often that we stumble upon a film that leaves us thinking about it for quite a while after watching and stays in the back of our heads for quite some time. “The water may rise” is the perfect example of such films with its […]

Blight Review

by Maryam Chekoofi After watching this film all I could ponder about was the darkness that humanity holds and how cruel and inhuman can “humans” be, this goes to show how perfectly knitted is this work and how writer/director “Maryam Chekoofi” was able to deliver an extremely powerful message that sheds light on child abuse […]