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Tealight Review

By Matt Taylor A sensitive portrayal of battling one’s own demons. This film is a great portrait of isolation and phobia, with many elements of a psychological thriller.  It draws the viewer in and does not let go until the mystery is solved and the “tealight” wins over the forces of darkness in the protagonist’s […]

Nightwish Review

By Micha Meyer The fine line between love and obsession in a grim psychological thrillerThis film is good, but not great attempt at creating a psychological thriller about unrequited love and turning the tables on the jilted lover.I found the script to be on the simplistic side, given the subject matter of the piece, but […]

The Funeral of Father Christmas Review

By Christian Cook Poignant and accurate about the state of today’s world This short film that was shot completely in one location with a cast of only three children, yet it manages to tackle many issues we are all experiencing today.  In about seven minutes, the viewer gets to experience the impact of media, social […]

Brownies Review

By Mathew Tretola A Whimsical Animation about a Bad Trip! This animated short was surprisingly entertaining. The title “Brownies” did not really give away the content as it started off with a woman making brownies with some kind of green substance. The script is pretty straight forward and the voice acting a bit lacking, but […]

A Balanced Breakfast Review

By J.W. Cox This film is definitely a breath of fresh air as it sends out a beautiful message in an original “out of the Box” manner. It is obvious that writer/director “J.W. Cox” is not your average filmmaker; the ability to deliver such a product is not something that even the most experienced of […]

Little Love Story Review

By Davide Serra Before writing any review, I usually watch the work twice; the first time as a ‘normal’ member of the audience and the second time as a critic, this is not the case with “Little Love Story”, this is a film that I enjoyed watching at least four times. It is not every […]

The Devil and I Review

By Charles Williams Its not everyday that we stumble upon a “real” psychological thriller, but instead (most of the time) we are given a less than average work that does not stand out to one of the genres that takes real understanding of the language of film to be able to venture in it; not […]

All That Glitters is Bronze Review

By Jinji Sayson It is always a delight when reviewing a documentary since to me they are my personal favorite genre of films; documentaries are not only films with information but also they represent a genuine experience for the viewer to delve into a new world or to have a look at things from a […]

Lost in the Black Hole Review

By Salman Aziz Every time I am about to review an experimental, the same question pops up in mind; is it going to be up to the standard or am I going to be watching another “cliché”? “Lost in the Black Hole “was anything but a “cliché”, the work of writer/director “Salman Aziz” proved to […]

Dust Angel In depth Critique

by Peter Dorn-Ravlin It is always a mixed pot of feelings when working on a sci-fi such as “Dust Angel”; on one hand it is very exciting and pleasurable to see that short film directors are venturing into such challenging productions but on the other hand there is always that fear that such work would […]