Cities in the Air – Episode 1: Deep Water


by Andrei "Wolf" Constantinescu and Mihai Constantinescu

Reading the title of the film, made me wonder what kind of journey was I embarking on (hoping that it would be worth the watch), to my amazement it was definitely not what I expected; from its opening scene I felt that this isn’t your average piece of work nor was it a classic narration of a sequence of events, both “ Constantinescu” displayed a high level of professionalism in writing and directing and gave a new meaning to the term “thinking outside of the box”.

The screenplay, is smartly knit in a way that keeps the viewers wanting to know what is going to happen next and especially ask “what is in the box??” the way that the writers presented the script played a major role in propelling the film into an even higher level of enjoyment, as for the acting a standing ovation is due to all three main actors who not only displayed a high level of professionalism in portraying the characters but also worked in full synergy thus creating the desired mood, having said that this could not have been possible if two of the main characters were not the “Constantinescu” duo who showed a high ability in embodying their ideas into real life characters; as for “Stiniguta” it is clear that he masters his role and has full control over his body language and facial expressions.

Technically, again we see that special touch of the directors that is unique and is a reflection of a high level of maturity in the understanding of the proper language of film making and cinematography; from the choice of the color palette and framing to the editing style and the overall “mise en scene” it is a perfectly crafted piece of film-making. The choice of music and sound effects is also to be commended as it comes as the cherry on the top of this accomplishment.

Finally, this film is definitely worth the watch and deserves to be praised for all the reasons discussed above and much more. As for “Andrei and Mihai Constantinescu” I can easily say that the audience will eagerly await and enjoy what they have installed for us as their next piece, which will again prove that (as stated in the beginning of the review) “thinking outside of the box” is something that is much needed in our cinematic future.

N.Khouri Ph.D

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About Andrei "Wolf" and Mihai

Wolf has always been drawn by the brain’s ability to heal through laughter, even before he graduated from the university of psychology. He believes in the power of the smile, in the strength of good-quality humor, in the people’s ability of polishing their character and improving themselves. Placing faith in what he has learned, he creates cinematic experiences and comedy films meant to give your brain a few moments to re-find its resources needed for going through the day.

While Mihai works with pleasure in assisting in the analysis of advanced artificial intelligence models, he works with even greater joy in telling stories through cinematic experiences. After successfully graduating from a television school in 2015, he became actively involved in every aspect of film making, from video editing to graphic design, set design, sound and even directing.

Directors Statement

A news article showcased a bizarre phenomenon where an entire city was reflected off the clouds above, creating the illusion of a floating city. That article, coupled with the theme of hopelessness in a post-apocalyptic world, guided the creation of this story. We want to explore humanity at its best moments in this web series.


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