As a visual artist, I explore the intersection between nature, the environment, and human behaviors across various mediums

Roberto Loiacono

Do not be too influenced by the trends or fashions of the moment, a film must remain over time and communicate even after many years.

Atinc Goc

Watch films, read books, talk to people. Filmmaking is a unique
profession that needs basic knowledge in many different areas of

Vincenzo De Sio

Observe the world a lot, inspiration is everywhere. 

Hasan Qureshi

Just go out and make your film. Try to get in the studios, but if the doors aren’t opening for you there’s a device in your pocket with a decent camera. 

Andrea Fantauzzi

Creating a film is no small feat, and surrounding yourself with a great crew will not only strengthen your film, but will help you grow as a director.

Zaira Armendáriz

 Prepare and Complete. Any “filmmaker” can start new projects, but only the dedicated and talented ones finish them.

Anjanabha Roy

I Don’t believe in visual story telling but believe in deconstruction of visual narratives.

Brock Burnett


David Knight

It’s great to see strong online offerings like Monthly Indie Shorts stepping up and giving independent filmmakers like myself a platform to showcase and promote our work

Dimitri Kanjuka

 Be passionate about your work. There are very few good movies.

Clarence Williams IV

You can have A-list actors and breathtaking cinematography but if your sound isn’t good, your movie is dead on arrival.

Salman Aziz

To get ready for the character, I had to shave my head and stay bald for 4 months which became a curious thing for my family.

Jean-Luc Servino

Find your artistic view by making your mistakes.

Dimitrios Karas

In my opinion, new filmmakers shouldn’t be afraid to speak their mind and be daring in regards to the films they make

Oswaldo Salas

Among my challenges and ambitions, I would like to play characters with complex personalities, never repeat characters, not be pigeonholed, act in a musical movie (dancing and singing), also in a comedy (in theater I did a lot of comedy, you still haven’t seen my comic side at the movies)

Hrachya Tokmajyan

I grew up on classical tales and myths, and I absolutely love these allegorical and mythical epics and tragedies as they act as the pillars and roots of modern day storytelling, and paying homage to them is an act of respecting the foundations they laid for us.

Roger Villarroya

Every difficult moments and situations in life and history make creativity explode and I’m sure it is the moment for screenwriters and independent filmmaking to show their skills and talent.

Leonidas Stanescu

My inspiration has a large variety of sources, it could a song, a tune, someone, some situation, another film, a dream, the weather, even my former workplace, a specific sound like a sonar which inspired me for Under Deep Waters…

Sabine Crossen

 Story, structure, out of the box ideas, knowing your audience is intelligent and that you are also making a film for them.

Chris Malone

the biggest challenge With directing live-action and animation is making sure the live-action actor is looking in the correct direction so that when the animators come in, it looks natural.

Kirill Khaletsky

tTo my mind there is nothing worse than poorly casted actors.