Red Room Review


by Sheilava

It is a real pleasure watching a piece of work that has all of its elements perfectly sewed together in the way that “Red Room” is. This video clip represents what it means to successfully combine a more than capable artist with really appealing visuals.

Talking about the artist; the least that could be said about “Sheilava” is that she is a multitalented, passion filled individual who has proven herself in more than one way that she masters any task given (I know that for a fact after reviewing her role as the main character in one of the short movies participating in our festival). The lyrics for this music video are also by “Sheilava” who “took us back” with her “take me back” to another time and place where perhaps life was easier and more joyful than the current one we are in.

Technically, the striking “mise en scene” and art direction is a real accomplishment that stands out of the ordinary and surpasses your everyday cliché and dull looking music videos. A real “ hats off” is due to D.O.P “Brandon Brumley” on his work that reflects a true understanding of the language of film; the well-crafted homage to David Lynch’s “red room” or “ the waiting room” from “Twin peaks” spiced up the whole mood of the work with its red palette enticing warmth and intimacy, add to that the contrasting use of bluish color palette when outdoor to enhance the coldness and harshness felt; this can be explained semantically that she (Sheilava) only feels safe and loved when she is “taken back” to the red room. The music and lyrics form a real enchanting synergy that transports the viewers onto a more than a gratifying journey, this is especially clear when the mesmerizing solo flute begins to play as if we are hypnotized with a sense of gratification engulfing us.

In the end, “Red Room” marks yet another efficacious corner stone in the rising career of (Sheileva) since she was not only able to prove herself (as said earlier) as a multitalented artist but also she was able to supersede all expectations in the way that this music video resonated with the audiences. This is an artist that we will be definitely looking forward to what she has installed for us next, in hopes that it would be of the same caliber if not better.

N.Khouri Ph.D

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About Sheilava

Sheilava (Sheila Victoria Anne) is an award-winning filmmaker, actor, composer, producer, singer/songwriter, and published model based in Austin, TX. She studied Music Performance at the University of Houston and went on to complete her Master’s in Music at the University of New Mexico before diving headfirst into the film industry. Sheilava is most known for her music videos Red Room (2019) and Blood Moon (2019), her films Positive (2020), Dawn (2020), The Charleston Twins (2019), and three full-length albums which she performed and recorded with her indie electro-pop band under the same name. Her passion is driven by collaborating with other independent artists and combining multiple art forms to bring their stories, ideas, and dreams to life. Outside of filmmaking, composing, and performing live music, Sheilava also enjoys producing and hosting indie film & music festivals, teaching private music lessons in her home studio, and working with the nonprofit organization Anthropos Arts as a mentor to at-risk and underprivileged kids. Her work can be found on most social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, and IMDb.

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