Review Sonata For A Calendar


By Carmen Rosa Vargas

A classic modern short film shot in black and white. The events take place in Alphonso’s home who is living a routine life where his mind is programmed to do things repetitively in a specific order. All of a sudden, things went south and he chose the wrong path to overcome the obstacle where he became a captive.

“Sonata Para Un Calendario” is that movie which gives filmmaking lessons. You can learn how to enhance the story using different aspect ratios, using cinematography to build tension, build an immersive atmosphere using sounds and music, create film with one actor and one location and how to choose the perfect cast. In other words, this film is a school.


The script is very well-written, it was able to present the themes in a fresh and engaging way. The viewer could see a bit of him or herself in “Alphonso’s” character, and this emotional connection allowed the message to take hold.

The music score is perfectly arranged with the story of Alphonso. It has provided the atmosphere and ambience as well as it invoked the emotions behind the film’s story and added an extra dimension to the film. Beethoven’s track was a great enhancement to the film.


The black and white cinematography used by the genius writer / director Carmen Rosa Vargas has made the movie appear more visually powerful, exquisite and made a connection with audience in a way that a color film never can, it highlighted the theme and tone of the movie.

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Finally, Mr. Oswaldo Salas did an amazing job in his “Alphonso” role, he was really convincing and he deserves a round of applause.

So does the writer and director Carmen Rosa Vargas for her magnificent and artistic work. She is an example for all filmmakers and students to learn from.

I personally highly recommend to watch “Sonata Para Un Calendario”, it’s fun to watch and has absolutely entered the “top greatest short films” list of all time.


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