Roppongi Heights Review


By Jamila Brown

The crime rates are unmistakably rising day by day in all societies in the world. Crime refers to many types of misconduct forbidden by law, and for the greed of money, people tend to perform risky and illegal acts such as fraud, drugs or even murder. People have made attempts to comprehend the reasons behind crime, but if we look at the world as a whole, we can see that many crimes are committed by individuals who abuse drugs and alcohol and who have unfavorable attitudes about other people.

Despite the complete difference in the personalities of the two sisters “C.C” and “T.T”, they both have chosen this path to earn some extra banknotes.

The screenplay is empathetic with a good rhythm where the writer/Director “Jamila Brown” didn’t linger too long on moments, indicating that the story and characters on screen will resonate with the audience, creating an evocative image in the viewer’s mind. The script gave a predetermined look at what will be said and what scenes will be shot to coordinate the general message she is attempting to depict.


Another main fundamental is the good acting of the cast, especially “J’nique Nicole” in the role of “C.C” who was able to give a compelling representation of the character, and she deserves a shout of acclamation for her amazing performance. Not to mention the good chemistry between the cast which shows the proven experience Jamila Brown’s has.

Practically, Jamila Brown’s ability to see projects through from the beginning to end is truly admirable. She could establish the creative vision and make all the film’s greatest decisions. However, the simple cinematography and film techniques used have certainly done the job in supporting the overall look and mood of the film’s visual narrative. 


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Film score has continuously been a major component of motion pictures, and “Roppongi Heights” is an example of great background, which has helped within the portrayal of the story, included profundity to characters, upgraded an actor’s execution and conveyed emotions.


In the end, “Roppongi Heights” held a significant moral story that we all should learn from. It is all about decisions, every path we take leads to another choice, and some choices can change everything. That is the secret to life. This movie is very fun to watch a must see, the whole crew and cast are to be praised for a job done wonderfully, they have proven that hard work pays off. We are waiting for the next project by the brilliant “Jamila Brown” in hopes to meet and exceed our expectations once again.


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About Jamila

A writer with a penchant for social change, up until 2021 Jamila kept her more creative works on the paper before throwing her hand into the world of videography and photography. Wanting to escape the world of stereotypes and labels, Jamila seeks to change the narrative for Black and Brown women by turning them into multi-faceted human beings behind her camera lens with dynamic writing and innovative storytelling.

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