SHORT MOMENTS by Simone Esposito

It is always interesting to watch any work that deals with human interaction and how we relate to the other, “short moments 1 & 2” portrays how these relations occur when living under the same roof and what could be the different reactions each individual have when facing a certain situation. These attempts by director “Esposito” proved to be rather well constructed although not fully mature and in need of that extra effort to fulfill the desired effect (the matter that will be discussed below).

The plot structure is somewhat very linear, in a sense that the episodes are too brief for the viewer to really get involved with what is happening and grasp the spirit of the work. As for the acting, on an individual basis the actors seem to be really comfortable and well prepared for their roles, but clearly there is a missing link between all three and a lack of harmony which makes them seem to be performing on their own and not as a team, again this is a major factor in alienating the audience.

Technically, “Esposito” is a director that is on his way to mastering the art of filmmaking (at such a young age) and at being able to truly understand the language of the camera. The well crafted use of camera movements, combined with the choice of frames reveals an artistic know how and gives leverage to the final outcome. Lighting in these episodes is not only used for its normal and logical purposes but rather it is a mood creator and (I might say) it is the fourth character that has a lot to say even without words. As for the music, especially in episode two it is overly used and could be re thought so it serves its purpose to the max. The laughing sound effect, reminds us of the same effect used in the eighties sitcoms where it would be dropped every now and then as if it is a reminder that people should laugh at a certain moment, probably back then it was ok but nowadays viewers no longer need to be spoon fed and the use of such effects should be cut down.

Finally, it is obvious that there is a clear effort in this work but as mentioned earlier it lacks certain elements that would make it reach its ultimate goal of success, it is what we call in the world of film making “a missed opportunity”.

N.Khouri Ph.D

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About Simone

Simone Esposito was born on August 8, 2006 in Naples. In 2017 he participated in training sessions at “Slim Dogs Production”, in 2019 he attended a course in Direction of Photography at the “Napoli Film Academy”, a Workshop on the use of the Steadycam of “Matteo Cinque” and a Photography Direction Workshop with “Francesca Amitrano”. In 2020 he attended a directing course at the “Napoli Film Academy”

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