Can I Submit my short without screening the full length version?

Yes you can , we will post the trailer

What is the Maximum runtime for the project?

From 2 to 40 minutes

Are subtitles required?

Yes English embedded subtitles are required

Posting trailer will affect the judges’ decision?

No, all selected shorts are judged equally.

What’s the completion date accepted?

2017 and above

When will the online screening begin/end?

Online screening begins 1st of each month and ends on the 15th of it.

Do you delete the entries at the end of the month?

No, we keep them, we remove the video link but at your request we can delete your entry.

Do we need to have a trailer to submit?

Yes if you don’t want to have your short publicly available, if a trailer is not provided we cannot post your short on our website.

Are prior selections acceptable?

Yes, you can re-submit your short even if it is selected in a prior edition.

What if my short is not available on YouTube or Vimeo?

We will upload it directly to our website.

Do you give any feedback with the submissions?

Unfortunately, we do not give feedback with the submissions

When will the Winners be announced?

Winners will be announced each 18th of the month.

Are You an IMDb Qualifier?


Where are you Based?

We are Filmmakers from Different Countries , we operate from Lebanon
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