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Monthly Indie Shorts is a young and dynamic International Film Festival for filmmakers and screenwriters aiming to be known and exposed to the whole world.

In our Fourth year, the festival has proven to be one of the most trusted and fast-growing festivals around the globe and a place for all film passionate to get together and share their love for the industry.

Monthly Screening

Join us for a Monthly Screening and be among the 3000+ Submitters from around the world!

Spotlight Interviews

“Submit your work for a chance to be featured in Monthly Indie Shorts Magazine Filmmakers’/ Actor’s exclusive interviews. Gain exposure across social media platforms and our monthly magazine, showcasing your creativity to a wider audience. Elevate your profile, connect with fellow filmmakers, and reap the benefits of being part of a vibrant indie film community.”

Film Critique

“Submitting your film for a review opens doors to wider audiences and critical acclaim. A thoughtful review provides valuable feedback, helping indie filmmakers refine their craft and gain exposure. It’s a powerful tool for building a strong reputation in the industry and attracting potential collaborators, investors, and festival invitations.”


Monthly Indie Shorts Magazine is a vibrant showcase of creativity in the realm of independent filmmaking, encapsulating a diverse range of content each month. From thought-provoking films to insightful scriptwriting, the magazine serves as a comprehensive platform that celebrates the multifaceted aspects of the indie film industry. Through engaging spotlight interviews and discerning film reviews, Monthly Indie Shorts Magazine not only highlights emerging talents but also offers a nuanced perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of independent cinema.