Award Winners September Edition

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Monthly Indie Shorts is a dynamic International Film Festival for filmmakers and screenwriters aiming to be known and exposed to the whole world. In our second year, the festival has proven to be one of the most trusted and fast growing festivals around the globe and a place for all film passionate to get together and share their love for the industry. Our festival offers each month the chance for filmmakers to compete in a virtual screening and win a customized laurel, printable Certificate exclusive interview and a free review. Winners will be announced Live on our Website and Social Media Platforms.
By having your work reviewed by our professional reviewing team You will not only add credibility to the work itself but also you will be increasing your acceptance chances to different film festivals around the world, thus creating publicity to the work and boosting its market share. In short having it reviewed by Monthly Indie Shorts will ensure a major uplift in its viewing and increase substantially its reach within our loyal community as well as the whole film community.

Read our Spotlight Interviews with the best and most exciting filmmakers, Actors, and Screenwriters and let us discover their insight into the movie industry.

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