Hear My Protest Review


by Jaye Allison, Charles Tyson Jr.

Watching this short movie leaves the viewer with a mixed pot of emotions and gets us thinking about the way that our world has evolved into its current shape all the while enjoying the talented “Jaye Allison” perform an inspiring dance number.

What a brilliant and catchy way to start off the film with the words of the 7th president of the United States of America president Andrew Jackson: “One man with courage makes a majority” and what it holds as a message that hope still exists and anything is possible when will power is there. Add to that the music track all along the work “The impossible dream” that is more than inspiring and when mixed with famous speeches by different historical figures make it all the more enchanting.

The dance number performed by “Jaye Allison” is nothing less than enjoyable and emits real positive vibes; the way she moves and how she has absolute control over her body reflects real professionalism and proves that we do not always need a script to deliver a message and that our body language can be stronger than a thousand words.

Technically, the challenge of having the same frame almost through out the whole work is a double edged sword in a sense that it kept us fully focused on what was going on inside the frame but at the same time what could have made it all the more stronger is some close ups as they create intimacy with what is being seeing and establishes an emotional bond with the action, as for the soft dissolve effect used it was also an added value as it cleverly created an illusion of having two characters performing the dance at the same time and semantically indicated that “Jaye Allison” was not alone.

Finally, one cannot but salute the effort done by “Jaye Allison” (first time as a film maker) for taking this challenge with all its risks. This short film is a definite must see and could be the start of a series of shorts that are categorized with a very unique and exceptional style that allows such kind of expression of oneself. We will be definitely on the look out for future similar project done by “Jaye Allison” in hopes that she continues to enchant us with her work and come up with more and more inspiring topics.

N.Khouri Ph.D

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