A Balanced Breakfast By J.W. Cox

This film is definitely a breath of fresh air as it sends out a beautiful message in an original “out of the Box” manner. It is obvious that writer/director “J.W. Cox” is not your average filmmaker; the ability to deliver such a product is not something that even the most experienced of professionals can easily do.

The simplicity in the script combined with the deep message it holds reflects “Cox’s” maturity and knowledge of what it takes to be named a true scriptwriter; for it is not only his dialogues that are appealing but also the sequence of events that makes the story all the more satisfying. Acting wise, both main characters “Smith” and “Hanavan” demonstrated great synergy and professionalism propelling the work into an even higher level of enjoyment. It isn’t always easy to work with younger cast but “Hanavan” who also appeared in the famous feature (Wrong Turn) proved herself to be someone with brilliant skills and a promising future, add to them the comic touch by actor “Borison” in the role of “Marty” who was nothing less than hilarious proving that it is not a matter of being the main character in a film in order to leave a trace but rather the quality and genuineness that the actor gives to any role they are given no matter how small it is.

Technically, again we see the multi talented “J.W. Cox” delivering a refined piece of work; be it from his choice of angles and frames to the color pallet and editing they all reveal his understanding of the language of filmmaking and the art of cinematography, his work allowed the viewers to be transported into each and every scene as if they are part of the events unfolding.

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In the end, “A balanced Diet” is a must see as it delivers a very strong message of love and sacrifice in a very smart manner; the love revealed at the end of the film is a real satisfaction for all audiences. A final word of appreciation is owed to the whole crew who (under Cox’s supervision) did an amazing job. As for Cox’s himself we will be definitely on the look out for his future work as he (as mentioned earlier) proved himself to be someone who knows what he is doing and holds a lot of potential in the world of filmmaking.

N.Khouri Ph.D

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