From Here to Here By George Atkinson, Alan Ciechalski

In order to be loved and valued, you should love and value yourself first. These are the most crucial aspects of one’s life, and by achieving these, you set boundaries for your life and relationships. We can see that Faye and Casper undoubtedly lacked these qualities in the beginning of the film.


The screenplay is compelling and most importantly cinematic. It initiates strong and vigorous reactions in the viewer, which causes the spectator to feel like they have to keep watching to see what happens next. Being able to engage the viewer as quickly as possible proves how powerful the writer/director “George M.Atkinson” is.

There are few directors who have such an overpowering directing style. “George M.Atkinson” is appreciated for his creative skills and making great directorial decisions to properly build a scene. He knew how to create believable performances from a variety of characters and perspectives. He was also able to communicate the core of the film to the audience through cinematography which made his vision of each scene a visual reality. He did an amazing job in establishing the emotional atmosphere and the general mood of the film.

The acting is realistic, passionate and persuasive. Round of applause for all of the cast for their outstanding performance especially “Timothy Blore” in the role of “Casper”. He was really convincing in portraying the role of a nerdy and desperate character. We could see the energy and time they’ve put into this project professionally.


The music provided certain expressive signals that enhanced our understanding of the story inside the film. These signals boosted our emotional response to the visuals on screen and therefore interpreted the particular emotions that are being induced, which, in turn, allowed the audience to immerse themselves in the story.


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Of course, British comedy has never failed us. They have produced some of the most renowned comedians and characters in the world. “From Here To There” is a light comedy short carrying a heavy and deep message. It is hilarious, enjoyable and a must watch. However, it would be a great idea to make a sequel, it is not impossible to make a great next part. The characters are relatable and interesting, and we would love to accompany their journey.

Finally, the whole crew and members who participated in this work have absolutely won a standing ovation. We will be eagerly awaiting for the next projects of the clever “George M.Atkinson” and live up to the expectations.


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