Here for You by Angel Hepburn

After viewing “Vino per ti”, it is easily said that it is a rare movie that succeeds on almost every level, where each scene, character, costume, art direction makes it a film worth watching over and over again. The movies’ introduction reminds us of the Alejandro González Iñárritu work and style, as for unexpected ending propels the emotional effect of the work to an extended height.

Acting wise, the main actor “ Martin Raggo” excelled in portraying the guilt trip lived after blaming himself for the tragic death of his wife and daughter; a guilt that would eventually catch up and eat him up.

The art direction of the film, is carefully crafted to the smallest detail in order to carry the viewer thru the journey down memory lane of the main actor.

Wardrobe wise the director went to great length to show the contrast (chiaroscuro) between the main character who is always in dark colors and both females ( wife and daughter) who are always in angelical white.

The music by ‘Nando Lopez’, works brilliantly with what is being viewed to an extent we no longer hear it but feel its effect.

Technically, using low key and dim lighting reflects the psychological state that the main character is trapped in, add to that the pale color palette emphasizes the emptiness and hollowness felt. As for framing, the excessive use of close ups, semantically refers to an extreme presence of emotions by which the director wanted the audience to live the actors experience and guilt. The fast pace editing while remembering the tragic accident enhances the overall desired mood as opposed to the slower pace when we are in the present.

Finally , “Vino per ti” is a must see and a real work of art when it comes to independent shorts, a big thumbs up to director “Angel Hepburn” for this very well done job and can’t wait to see what this promising director has in store for us in the future.

N.Khouri Ph.D

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