La Velenosa Review


by Chris Tailor

The first thing that grabbed my attention before even watching the film was its title; “La Velenosa” or “The poisonous” this made me wonder what was I about to watch, the choice of such a title sends out a clear message that this is not going to be your average piece of film but rather a thought-provoking short.

The screenplay is well crafted with clear attention to the details of each and every character; this also applies to the dialogue that reflects the writer’s understanding of the language of screen writing. The choice of actors on the other hand could have been a bit different since most of them looked too young for their characters and this made them loose credibility add to that their costumes that also made them appear out of place, having said that we cannot but acknowledge the acting talent displayed and the sense of harmony between them that made the work all the more enjoyable.

Technically, the choice of black and white is not something to be taken lightly since it is not everyday that we come across a more than a fine end result without the use of color; this is definitely the result of “Chris Tailor’s” command of the elements of cinematography. The choice of frames and camera movement is also an added value since it transported the viewers into each and every detail of every scene as it unfolds in front of them. The music aided in enhancing the desired mood and was not a disturbing element since it fitted perfectly in each and every moment that it was used in.

In the end, this film is really interesting to watch as it holds a lot of potential and can be best described as a missed opportunity since it needed some retuning especially in the character/actor choices, this is something that “Chris Tailor” needs to stress on in his future endeavors as a professional film-maker, since he is someone that has great potentials on both the writing and directing level and understands how the industry functions and is someone who is far from the “cliché” and truly thinks outside of the box, his seriousness and dedication to his work makes us definitely on the look out for his future films and as his work ends with “to be continued…” we will for sure continue to track him and review his work.

N.Khouri Ph.D

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About Chris

Chris Tailor (born Christopher Papadopoulos on April 2nd 2003), is a young filmmaker who grew up in London. He has a YouTube channel called See Chris and has worked on different short promotional films and short movies like The Misfit with his small production group, Ice Bear Productions.

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