Let Me by Aram Manukyan

It is always a delight when reviewing a documentary, especially when it is as good as the work at hand, being able to honor one’s father in such a manner is not something that your average film maker can come up with, the ability to translate emotions into such a beautiful piece of art is to be applauded, this film takes the viewers onto the intimate journey of a father/artist who is more than talented.

“Let me” is not just about documenting the life of an artist, but it is much more than that since it succeeded in transporting the viewers into the realm of a man who dedicated his life to his work and in shedding light on the fatherly figure that any child would be proud to have. The combination between the script and the more than talented voice over of  “Babken Chobanyan” the famous Armenian actor known not only for his charming voice but his acting skills who led him to receive the privilege of being awarded by the president of Armenia the title of “The Honored Artist of Armenia” propelled the work into an even higher level of attainment, the words chosen reflects the writer’s love and admiration to his idol, as they genuinely flow into the audiences inner self and makes them contemplate on various aspects of the meaning of life and existence (Fig. 1) .

Fig.1: Your life is your life

Another aspect that the script sheds light on is the fact that nothing should stand in the way of your dreams, even if it is something as huge as a pandemic (Fig. 2).

Fig 2: There is always light somewhere

Add to that the semantic connotation of the “father” facing himself in a self – reflective moment (Fig. 3) which is far from the usual “cliché” seen in such scenes, it is rather a well crafted sentimental moment that reflects “Aram Manukyan’s” sense of cinematic maturity and understanding of the language of film.

Fig. 3: self - reflection

Technically, again we have the magical touch of writer/director “Aram Manukyan” who is a living proof of the saying: “simplicity makes the ultimate sophistication”. It is imperative to stress on the fact that he is a first time film which makes it all the more impressive on his ability to manipulate the diegesis and master the cinematographic language; be it from his choice of frames and editing style to the color pallet chosen and overall mood, he was able to construct a film that even the most experienced of film makers might have difficulties doing it the same way that he did. The music used also played a major role in the establishment of the desired mood in each and every scene as it brilliantly carried the viewer into the mind set of the “father” and made the watching experience all the more enjoyable.

In the end, this work is definitely worthy of a standing ovation and as “Aram Manukyan” himself said that “films should evoke emotions”, this film is an a explicit pleasant emotional ride that talks to each and everyone by evoking intimate personal memories lived with our parents, especially those of us who lost theirs and can only reminisce on special moments lived with our heroes. A must see film for anyone who enjoys and understands the value of a job well done, writer/director “Aram Manukyan” aka “Aramtino” is someone who we will be definitely following up in his future endeavors since he swept us off our feet with his first piece of work and we can not wait until he does it again.

N.Khouri Ph.D

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About Aram

Aram Manukyan studied at the Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinema in the period of 2005-2010.
Has been creating author films since 2020.
Let Me Aram Manukyans first film.

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