Oltre Ogni Cosa by Alessia Olivetti

One of the hardest things in life is to see a loved one fading away slowly while nothing can be done to stop this loss, and this is exactly what Parkinson disease does; not only does it affect the person who has it but it destroys everyone around them as they watch the immense suffering and agony that it causes. Director “Alessia Olivetti” was able to not only present an extremely professional and well crafted piece of work but also was able to transport the viewers into an a real emotional rollercoaster that would leave anyone profoundly touched after watching the final product.

The way that writer “Andrea Murchio” presented the script is nothing less than brilliant with all of the elements of a successful story line present; the ability to stand out from the “cliché” writing while treating such a topic reflects the maturity and depth in the style, from the very first opening scene till the last second of the film the viewers are omnipresent in each detail lived by the characters as the story develops. Talking about the characters, it is obvious that “Olivetti” is someone who definitely knows what she wants and a real risk taker by changing hats from director to main actress; her acting job can be described as a real corner stone in the success of the film, the way she uses her body language and facial expressions denotes great professionalism towards proper research and dedication to be able to deliver this caliber of characterization, add to that the support and work of the remaining members of the cast who in turn were more than just up to the level but proved real synergy and made the final product all the more enjoyable.

Technically, again and again it is the “Olivetti” charm that swipes off our feet with her level of understanding of all the elements of “mise en scene” and “cinematography” by delivering a real visual master piece; from the color pallet to her choice of frames and angles she is able to transmit semantically the desired mood and emotions, add to that the music used combined with the moments of silence propelled the work into a real masterpiece level.

To conclude, this is not just your “need to see” film but it is a definitely not to be missed film; for it truly conveys a reality that could happen to any one of us with all the dilemmas and anguish that comes along.

N.Khouri Ph.D

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