Skydancer By Chris Fx

People often express themselves in different ways, which help them keep in touch with how they are feeling. Self expression in a way or another can make dream come real and find passion in life, despite of the frightful obstacles and struggles that you may encounter in that journey.

The opening scene of “Skydancer” is astonishing. The dance, music and cinematography were on point, as well as, the color palette used which definitely created ambiance and boosted the emotional aspect of the film. The director “Chris Fx” used the color blue which psychologically symbolizes faith, tranquility and harmony.

The screenplay is good. The script gave a predetermined look at what will be said and what scenes will be shot to coordinate the general message she is attempting to depict.


The acting could have been more convincing. The producers and director should’ve taken more time before making their final decision because acting is the art of storytelling where emotions and thoughts are provoked.

Technically, the sound was the major issue in this film, especially in the restaurant scene as it turns out that the mic hasn’t been used, in addition, the music sound was so loud during the dialogue in that scene. Furthermore , there was minor continuity errors in some scenes.


It is a common thing to encounter such problems during production. These mistakes and problems can occur in everything from a small budget indie film to high budget production Hollywood movies

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Finally, “Skydancer” is a fun short indie film to watch. We should appreciate the time and effort the crew members and cast put into this project. We will be waiting for what is next from the writer/ director Chris Fx in hopes to fulfill our expectations. Let “Skydancer” be the start of something new and better.


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About Chris

Christian Purpari aka Chris Fx was born in Rimini (Italy) on October 31, 1977. He is a filmmaker who has worked in several films, music videos and commercials both as Director Of Photography and as Director since 2011.
He founded Black Rose Film in 2020 and is always interested in new projects.

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