Styx and Stone By Christian Cook

Three kids get into a car crash after escaping from a commune. They got stuck in the middle of the sticks of the trees and the stones, resulting in an argument between the passenger and driver.


The script is cinematic and compelling. The dialogue reflected the strength of the script. In addition, it is well-paced and have a great rhythm. The writer / director “Christian Cook” did a very great job in writing the story.

Technically, the directing of the film was amazing, from the camera movements and angles, the lighting, to the smallest detail in this project. Christian Cook is inspiring and passionate in his work. Furthermore, his creative touch has definitely made the film look better.


The acting which is a main fundamental was good, the three kids were professionally trained and they were convincing. They absolutely need to practice and work more on their acting skills, but we can surely see that the future is bright, thus, they deserve a round of applause.

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The writer/ director made a very good choice in selecting the music, which boosted the overall mood and look of the film and increased the tension and suspense in every scene, it kept the audience connected to the characters.


The story and events of “styx and stone” happened in only one place (in the car) which made the film interesting, however, this causes the spectator to feel like they have to keep watching to see what happens next.

In the end, this indie film is recommended and very fun to watch. Mr.Cook and all the crew members who participated in this projected are appreciated for their efforts and deserve to be praised for their wonderful work. We will be eagerly awaiting next projects of the genius Christian Cook in hopes to undoubtedly match our expectations.


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About Christian

As a graphic designer and short story writer, this mix of visual and narrative inevitably steered towards a move into film. After filming a documentary during lockdown and a corporate video for a home care business, he began work on a series of short films, including the dark, satirical film ‘The Funeral of Father Christmas’ which was well-received by critics and film festivals. ‘Styx & Stone’ is his fourth short film.

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