The Confined by Christopher Picone

From its opening sequence director “Picone” succeeded in establishing the desired eerie and creepy mood foreshadowing what is to come in this horror piece of work; the aerial shots of the main location reminded us of the opening sequence of “The Shining” by the legend director “Stanley Kubrick” and the winter resort where the thrilling events occur.

Although the story could have been a bit more developed and more scenes added to make the work even more thrilling to watch, the overall plot is tightly written with a somehow expected result, but the writer was able to keep the viewers on high alert with his smartly laid flow of events.

Acting wise, it was clear that all three actors did their homework and were able to portrait the characters in a realistic and truthful manner, especially actress “ Sabrina Ahmad” playing the role of “Kelly” who was a real added value to the film in her fervently appealing and convincing acting.

Technically, “Picone” did a more than satisfying job with his ability to set up different moods and immerse the audience with a diversity of moods that would give the desired end result. Although the camera movement and framing are not your traditional “horror” like, they still managed to neatly transmit the sense of fear and distress when needed. The low-key lighting facilitated the use of the imagination by the viewer to enhance the thrill. The art direction was brilliantly designed and could be considered as one of the main pillars of the crafting of the work. As for the editing the variation between cuts and the rhythmic flow used by the film maker proved to be more than credible to the development of events. The music and sound effects used fluctuated between perfectly fitting and somehow overly used in certain instances.

Finally, one can not but salute the effort made by first time director “Picone” who seems to have a true understanding of what it takes to become a great film maker and is able to grasp the meaning of the language of film. “The Confined” is a true horror enjoyment and is recommended as a film that would send several chills up your spine, the only drawback would be the fact that because we real enjoyed the work it could have been a bit longer in order to be truly recognized as a trademark in the industry.

N.Khouri Ph.D

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