The Devil and I By Charles Williams

Its not everyday that we stumble upon a “real” psychological thriller, but instead (most of the time) we are given a less than average work that does not stand out to one of the genres that takes real understanding of the language of film to be able to venture in it; not only did writer/ director “Charles Williams” deliver a brilliant piece of production but also proved himself to be a mature and established film maker who knows how to “thrill” without falling into the “cliché”

The storyline is very well knit as it transports the viewers into the mindset of the characters and makes the experience all the more thrilling, the multi talented writer/director “Charles William” proved his talent in drawing stimulating and exciting character lines. Acting wise, it is a real pleasure watching a group of actors working in full synergy and being able to deliver a well-crafted piece of work.

Technically, the work deserves a standing ovation as it reflects the level of maturity that “ Williams’ ” has in his true understanding of the language of cinematography and “mise en scene”; be it from his brilliant use of colored lighting that semantically connoted the desired effect to his choice of frames and editing style that made the watching experience all the more exciting. Another factor worth mentioning is the setting that works on foreshadowing certain events within the story line such as the bedroom composition of both main characters. The music used is also to be commended as it aided in enhancing the mood and in thrilling the viewers without being overly abused.

In the end, this film is highly recommended for those who enjoy such genre, since as mentioned in the beginning of the review its not everyday that we can find such a “thrilling” thriller, this is due to many factors (discuss above) but mainly and as the writer/director “Charles Williams” says: “ When you have a cast and crew that want to make the film as much as you do, it’s a good feeling”, and we have a very good and strong feeling that the future holds a lot of great things for the whole team. We will be definitely on the look out for any new adventures in the world of filmmaking that these brilliant artists have to offer, in hopes that it will dazzle us as “The Devil and I” did.

N.Khouri Ph.D

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About Charles

Charles Williams has a decade of experience working in the sound industry.

In 2015, Charles completed a Diploma in Sound Production at Box Hill Institute. It was here that he found his passion for music composition and sound design for film. A firm believer in keeping up to date with the latest programs, techniques, and information, in 2018, Charles completed the Film Production course at SAE Melbourne.

Additionally, Charles is a recent graduate of Swinburne University and currently holds a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Behavioural Studies. Charles hopes to incorporate the new skills learnt through this degree with his current filmmaking skills in order to create more believable stories with a focus on the human condition.

Presently, Charles has worked on numerous films, live events, and studio recordings. He feels most at home in the recording studio and on set working with various artist.

Charles Williams was the writer, director, producer and sound composer for the award-winning short film “One Love”, gaining accolades in both Australia and abroad.

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