The Rise of Elsie Matthews By J.W Cox

Controlling parents who raise their child like an adult are actually blocking the path of their child’s inner peace that leaves a pernicious impact on them. This behavior is usually used by possessive parents who are extremely focused on their own needs, and Helen Matthews is a perfect illustration.

The script is well-written and well-paced, as well as the incredible development of the dynamic character “Elsie” who was suffering from lack of communication with her mother (especially a girl to girl), having no friends, and the pressure of becoming an oscar winning actress in the future. She finally got her revenge in spite of the dark ending.

Round of applause to Kira L.Wilson for her impressive performance! She was able to portray the character in a high level of intelligence, so does the talented Rhyan Elizabeth Hanavan, she proved that the future is bright. In general, the cast were perfectly fit in their roles.

Technically, the filmmaker/ writer J.W. Cox has added his magnificent touch as usual, and succeeded in delivering the final message of the film smoothly. In addition, the background music has helped the audience to be connected and related to the characters, and increased the suspense in some scenes which created a perspective about the movie. Nevertheless, the cinematography was more than a proficient job, as the shots taken has certainly boosted the overall mood of the film.


Eventually, the short film gradually transformed from “The Fall Of Elsie Matthews”  into  “The Rise Of Elsie Matthews” and is a great example to focus and open eyes on this social issue.

This film is a must watch for Drama fans since it profoundly treats and addresses its subject. We’re expecting to see more deep work from the clever J.W. Cox, in hopes to fulfill our expectations once again.



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About J.W

Joseph William Cox is an award winning director from Middletown, Ohio, who’s career took off after winning the 48 hour film project in Cincinnati in 2017, and producing a viral short with over 10 million views online. his work has garnered national attention from CBS, Cedric The Entertainer, and other celebrities.


Director Statement

The Rise of Elsie Matthews is a timely piece about the psychological and physical terrors that can face children in the film industry, if we don’t speak up when we see something.

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