Two Wrongs make one right by Guy Nicholls

It is not everyday that we stumble on a more than a good piece of filmmaking that has the ability to keep us on our edges for the entire projection time; and this exactly what “Two Wrongs Make One Right” was able to do, it is much more than your average “short”, be it from the semantic connotations of the title itself to the different messages embedded within the narrative, it is a combination of different factors that once they were put together produced a joyful experience to the viewers.

The screenplay, with its well-knit storyline proved to be a true reflection and a factual revealer of  human relationships, this is a proof of immense talent by the talented writer/director “Guy Nicholls” who showed real maturity in conveying his intended message (a matter that even the most gifted of writers might lack), his style of delivery allowed the audience to be transported into each and every detail happening within each scene as they experienced the character’s emotional ups and downs. Another main factor that is to be applauded and deserves a standing ovation is the brilliant acting skills of all the cast especially “Christian Dapp” in the role of “Nathan” and  actress “Emily Drewett” in the role of “Cat” (fig. 1 & 2) the way that they were able to professionally portray their characters and the interaction/synergy between them propelled the work into a higher level of excellence, add to that the use of body language and facial expressions shows the extent to which they skillfully did their homework in properly researching and preparing for their roles.

Fig 1& 2: Natural Chemistry between characters

Technically, again (and from the very first opening scene of the film) we enjoyably experience the directing talent of “Guy Nicholls” who not only understands the true language of filmmaking but also displays a level of maturity in his cinematography that even the most experienced of filmmakers might not grasp. From his choice of frames and camera angles to the color pallet (Fig. 3 & 4); they all reflect the intended mood of the film be it in its serious moments or the “higher” ones, this factor again allowed us as viewers to delve into the world of each and every moment as it unfolds on the timeline, the editing style and musical score used are also main and valuable factors in making this experience more and more efficacious.

Fig. 3 & 4: Color Pallete & moods

The art direction is an essential player in the outcome; it is constructed in a very professional manner with extreme care to each and every minute detail, be it the placement, props, costumes and the overall composition they are all worked in perfect harmony to deliver the desired effect. (Fig. 5 & 6)

Fig. 5 & 6: Distinguished Art Direction

In the end, the film “ Two Wrongs Make One Right” is definitely recommended for those who appreciate and understand the meaning of true artwork. As mentioned earlier the combination created by writer/director “ Guy Nicholls” is nothing less than pleasurable, the way that he presented his ideas and especially the unexpected ending makes us ask for more similar work and puts a huge responsibility on his shoulders for the future as we will be definitely be on the look out for what he has in stored for us (as he has previously done with his past award winning films), we are sure that we will be hearing of his achievements as one of the successful and distinguished film makers of the future.

N.Khouri Ph.D

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About Guy

‘Two Wrongs Make One Right’ is Guy Nicholls’ fourth short film, a romance/crime drama, after three award winning short films he has written and directed, ‘Who Said Love is Dead’ (2021), ‘Kissed Crowns’ (2020) and ‘An Eye for an Artisan’ (2019)

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