Who Said Love is Dead? by Guy Nicholls

Before watching the film two things caught my attention and got me asking a lot of questions about the quality and level of the work, the first thing was; a short film of almost 40 minutes is defiantly going to give me a lot of material to criticize especially that the second thing was the zero budget issue, to my amazement “Guy Nicholls” proved me wrong and pulled of a more than just a fine piece of film making but a real “chef- d’oeuvre” that he can be really proud of.

Talking about the script; what a real masterpiece by the talented “Nicholls”, a screenplay that reflects a high level of maturity and experience that a lot of the so called “expert” writers can not even come close to, the ability to present three stories in such a smart manner and have them funneled down into one is something that deserves a standing ovation. Acting wise, one cannot exclude any of the actors from being more than fine in portraying the assigned character in a brilliant manner, the synergy between them and how they all work as a unit is not to be taken lightly and requires a lot of dedication and hard work, each one showed great mastering of their body language and facial expressions that allowed them to transport the viewers into the world of each scene as if they were physically present and made the experience all the more enjoyable and gratifying.

Technically, the semantic manipulation of light between the warm (red) and cold (blue) is smartly used without falling into the cheesiness or the “cliché” translates “Nicholls’” understanding of the true language of cinematography and how to apply it to achieve his aspirations, add to that the camera angles and shots that are also well studied and executed form a main pillar in the success of the work. The choice of music all along the film made the story all the more credible and added this extra touch needed without becoming an element of distraction.

In the end, “Who Said Love is Dead” is a definite must see as it gives the viewers the opportunity to delve into the exciting mind of “Guy Nicholls” who already proved himself as a true talent and a gifted filmmaker whom we will be definitely on the look out for his next piece of artistic accomplishment.

N.Khouri Ph.D 

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About Guy

‘Who Said Love is Dead’ is Guy Nicholls third award winning short film, following ‘Kissed Crowns’ (2020) and ‘An Eye for an Artisan’ (2019)


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