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Review Sparse

Sparse By Ann Huang “Sparse: A Mesmerizing Dive into Avant-Garde Storytelling”Ann Huang’s “Sparse” is a short film that takes viewers on a journey into the passionate pursuit of an art-filled life by a young woman, leading her into a mesmerizing swirl of misdeeds. This avant-garde experimental film explores the complexities of artistic expression and self-discovery, […]

Review Monsters

Monsters By Liz Cvalda Liz Cvalda’s “Monsters” is a captivating short film that intricately explores the unique connection between two strangers who share a common bond of being victims of loss, isolation, and domestic violence. Despite the limitations of having a single location and only two characters, Cathy Wippell as Felicia and Beth Gatherer as […]

Review Foretoken – Omen Of The Outsiders

Foretoken – Omen Of The Outsiders By Tamas Levardi “Foretoken – Omen of the Outsiders,” directed by Tamas Levardi, is a remarkable short film that takes viewers on a captivating journey through an epic landscape, showcasing Levardi’s exceptional abilities in cinematography, storytelling, and orchestration. From its incredible opening to its breathtaking visuals, this film immerses […]

Review Fade in: to Murder

Fade in: to Murder By Declan Smith Directed by Declan Smith, “Fade in: to Murder” unfolds as a captivating short film, thrusting viewers into the intriguing chaos of a film festival turned crime scene. The synopsis teases a fortuitous murder, and our guide through this unexpected turn of events is the method actor Grace Goodman, […]

Review Treble Me This

Treble Me This By Guy Nicholls Harmonizing Chaos! “In Treble Me This,” Guy Nicholls skillfully directs a captivating murder mystery that unfolds across three separate crime scenes. Through the intricate narrative tapestry he weaves, Nicholls showcases his directorial prowess, engaging the audience from the very beginning. In his sixth short film, Nicholls demonstrates his ability […]

Review Dweller Of The Twilight Void

Dweller Of The Twilight Void By Peter Dorn Ravlin The horror short film “Dweller Of The Twilight Void,” directed by Peter Dorn Ravlin, is an enthralling blend of suspense, mystery, and supernatural elements. In just twelve minutes, the film captures the audience’s attention with its meticulously crafted pacing and the eerie atmosphere established in the […]

House 1031

House 1030 By J.W. Cox House 1031, directed by J. Nabors, plunges viewers into a realm of unimaginable horrors, where a homicidal maniac preys mercilessly on women, ending their lives and taking their organs as trophies. With its clever use of contrasts, exceptional performances, and skillful technical execution, the short film leaves a lasting impact […]

Zero Percent Review

Zero Percent By J.W. Cox “Zero Percent” is a short indie film that takes the audience on a gripping and suspenseful journey through the experience of a woman held captive, desperately waiting for a chance to escape. The film opens with a shot of the protagonist, Eden, locked in a small room, using the cut […]

APEIRON BOUND – My Sweet Stockholm

Apeiron Bound By Costin Chioreanu, Andrew Stout, Michael Calza Dark psychedelic art is a subgenre of psychedelic art that explores the dark, surreal, and often unsettling aspects of the human psyche. It often features twisted and distorted imagery, vivid colors, and mind blending patterns that are meant to evoke a sense of unease and disorientation […]

Review Torn

By Colby Cyrus Having suicidal thoughts can have a significant impact on an individual’s mental and physical health. It can cause feelings of despair, hopelessness, and isolation, leading to a decline in quality of life. Suicidal thoughts can also interfere with daily activities, relationships, and work performance. Seeking professional help and support from loved ones […]