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Vincenzo De Sio was born in Italy in 1981. He graduated in cinematographic disciplines at the “Scuola di Cinema di Roma” 2006 class. He directs various short films, documentaries and videoclips and he is based in New York City. He also manage Cinema classes focused on young generations. From 2017 he starts working as a producer and director of animated short films, especially “BEATRICE” short film has been selected in over 100 Festivals and Won 75 Awards all over the world. He also is an art photographer, “The Gateway – New York Autumn Tactics” collection won numerous awards.

Hello Vincenzo, thank you for granting us this interview, 

[MIS] What film do you consider to be your source of inspiration?

[Vin] The film that I consider my inspiration is “Living in Oblivion” directed by Tom DiCillo. A great little independent 1995’s film  that contains all the magic and also the passion of making cinema. Telling a story, dreaming of great prizes, experiencing the crew, maybe even arguing on the set.

[MIS] You directed various short films, music videos and documentaries, where do you find yourself more?

[Vin] I find myself particularly in short films and music videos. In both, I have to tell and condense a story in a few minutes. In short films I prefer few dialogues and I leave more space for the emotions of the actors or in the case of cartoons I want drawings to come out of the screen. In music videos I love the blending between music and images when they are edited. Music videos are like a canvas, you can paint whatever you want and the music will accompany you.

[MIS] What’s the biggest challenge of accomplishing an independent film?

[Vin] The biggest challenge is to create a good movie with a non pharaonic budget. This means for me relying on a proven Team and above all having a clear vision of the entire project. From brainstorming to screenplay, from production to the Festivals I leave nothing to chance.

[MIS] Let’s Talk about BEATRICE, why did you choose to produce as a handmade Animated cartoon?

[Vin] BEATRICE is the short film in my heart. This short film is a tribute short film to one of the greatest Cinema figures, Beatrice Vitoldi, protagonist of the “Odessa Stairs” in “The Battleship Potemkin”. She was born in my city, Salerno (Southern Italy). She was a great Italian actress and a Great Woman committed to society and politics. This short film wants to celebrate her commitment. I chose the hand-drawn animation technique to pay homage to the silent films of the 1920s and the first black and white cartoons.

 [MIS] What was the writing process like?

[Vin] The short film’s screenplay process started from Beatrice Vitoldi’s personal story mixed with quotes from old silent films. In addition the steampunk genre that accompanied the entire short film’s atmosphere.

 [MIS] Technically, which scenes was the most difficult to do?

[Vin] The most difficult scene was the close-up of Beatrice Vitoldi. For me it was difficult because I think that the close-up is the essence of the Cinema. The great artist Nicola Dunlop who took care of the animations was able to enclose all my emotions towards Beatrice Vitoldi.

[MIS] Why did you choose black and white as a color palette?

[Vin] Beatrice Vitoldi was an icon of 20s Mute Black& White Movies, these colors characterized her. Also the 4:3 aspect ratio was my first choice to identify the short film . 

[MIS] What was the purpose in having a SteamBot character and spaceships in Beatrice and why did you choose fantasy to tell your story?

[Vin] The SteamBot and the steampunk atmosphere were the ways to update and make the character more fascinating. The SteamBot is the keeper of secrets, the keeper of time and Cinema. The space aircrafts are typically steampunk and they enforce the entire fantasy short and to change to give a new point of view about silent movies.

[MIS] The ending was perfect! Did you have another in mind?

[Vin] Thank you! Honestly, I never thought of an alternate ending. We always saw Beatrice never smile, in all frames that we have. I always thought that Beatrice deserved a smile after the life of sacrifice she lived.

[MIS] If you could change one thing about BEATRICE, what would that be?

[Vin] For the short film nothing. My desire would be to make another version with a different animation technique. Why not also think of a kind of prequel and sequel foe Beatrice.

[MIS] You are working now on a short film tributing Edison, can you tell us more about it?

[Vin] Actually, I’m in pre-production for Edison. The short film will be an homage to his great genius in Cinema production. Also in this production I want to change the point of view. For this reason in this case I chose the “clockpunk” genre and a new animation technique. Edison will be a little revolution.

[MIS] What is the advice you’d like to share with new filmmakers?

[Vin] Observe the world a lot, inspiration is everywhere. “Steal” the profession from those who have more experience by observing them. Building your “own Cinema”, always give the best in every project and have great ambitions and accept new challenges. No fear to make many mistakes or to find closed doors, I learn continuously from my mistakes and accept even with humility to be downsized from the critics or from the reality that often in the Cinema industry is not as we think. Insist, resist and persist!

[MIS] Any final thoughts at the end of this interview?

[Vin] It’s always a great pleasure to talk about Cinema. I’ll also be involved in various productions in the USA and I’m very excited! I still have many dreams to realize and I hope that Cinema will help me make them come true! Grazie Monthly Indie Shorts!


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